Last One!

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Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to check out the HUGE giveaway and sale at the Soulographer Blog for Photographers:!

Great Contest!

Check out the HUGE giveaway and sale at the Soulographer Blog for Photographers:!

First Love

First Love, originally uploaded by rhmom42.

This is a photo of my daughter and her first love, her new pony Sultan.

July 4-Freedom

July 4, originally uploaded by rhmom42.

Today I give thanks to all of those who came before me who made this country free and all those who put their lives on the line every day to ensure that freedom. What a blessing to live free!

Day 169-Future Veterinarian

Day 169, originally uploaded by rhmom42.

Can’t you just tell by looking at this picture that my daughter wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up?

PS. In case you didn’t notice, Maxie just came back from the spa today. His hair is cut, his nails are cut, his ears and teeth are clean, but most importantly, he doesn’t smell anymore!

Day 168-Oops!

Day 168, originally uploaded by rhmom42.

Ooooooppppsss!!! Yesterday, I forgot to take a photo. Between school, riding lessons and a baseball game, among other things, I totally forgot about my Project365. To make up for my slip up, I’m posting a photo from my archives. Don’t worry, I’m averaging way more than a photo a day, so I am still getting a lot out of this project.

Day 167-A Really Cool GIft

Day 167, originally uploaded by rhmom42.

I received the coolest gift from one of my students today. She and her family are the neatest people. They truly love nature and have taught us so much. It’s not unusual for them to bring in turtles, tadpoles, frogs and the like to show the class. Today, they gave each teacher in the room a basket with a shovel, a beautiful tomato plant that they grew from seed and a PRAYING MANTIS! It was such a wonderful gift, especially since they hatched the praying mantis from an egg and caught three babies so we each could have one. Thank you to the Sanders family. I will miss you next year!

Day 166-Best Buddies

Day 166, originally uploaded by rhmom42.

This is one of those shots that I knew wasn’t going to turn out well technically. The room was crowded and the lighting was bad. But the sentiment behind the shot was so strong that I had to take it.

This is my son and my Uncle Rich. They are best buddies. Each year in third grade, the kids get to interview people who make a difference in our small town. My son has been waiting to be in third grade so he could invite his Uncle Rich in to be interviewed. Today was the day the children made their presentations. After the presentation, my son and Uncle Rich headed to the cookie table, holding hands. They have such a special relationship!

PS. Today was special for another reason. We were celebrating Uncle Rich’s first 24 hours of being a Pop pop! Congratulations Mark and Vikki on the birth of your son! My son can’t wait to teach him how to get money from Uncle Rich and “all about girls!’

Day 165-Stop

Day 165, originally uploaded by rhmom42.

In desperation, because I’m lacking in fresh and exciting subject matter, today I bring you a photo of the stop sign by my house. So much for excitement…